Kevin Pangos and the Mavs take on the Pelicans


Former Gonzaga PG Kevin Pangos recently made his NBA Summer League debut with the Dallas Mavericks.  Pangos went undrafted, but he was picked up by the Mavs fairly quickly after the draft.

The Summer League will be very important for Pangos.  The Mavs need help at the point guard position.  If Pangos can show that he can compete at the NBA level he could be in position to make the Mavs’ roster at the beginning of the season.

Pangos was the starting point guard for the Mavericks at the beginning of the game.  The Mavericks ultimately fell to the Pelicans 90-86, but it was a good showing for Pangos.  He finished with five points, one rebound, one steal, and a game high six assists.  His passing was definitely highlighted in this game.  He also played good defense and even the commentators noticed his defensive ability.  He was often described as feisty, which I think is an accurate was to describe Pangos’ defensive play.

When Pangos was on the court his leadership was displayed perfectly.  He was able to keep everything under control and minimize mistakes.  I noticed that when he was not in the game the pace was not under control and this led to poor shot selections and turnovers.

It is apparent that all of these players are still adjusting to the speed of the NBA both the Mavericks and the Pelicans looked tired in the fourth quarter.  This is something that the Summer League is great for.  These players will be able to adjust to the speed of the pro game during this time.

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In his next game with the Mavs I think Pangos should look to score a bit more early on.  He had a nice drive to the basket that resulted in an easy layup toward the beginning of the game.  He definitely has a pass first mindset, which is great, but I think he passed up some good scoring opportunities.  He shot the ball a bit more toward the end of the game, but again everyone was tired and a lot of these shots came up short.

Overall a strong showing for Pangos.  I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the Mavericks’ games during this Summer League Season.  Their next game will be Sunday, July 12 at 7:00 pm PT against the Portland Trailblazers.