Kevin Pangos Struggles in Final Summer League Game


In his final game of the 2015 NBA Summer League season, Kevin Pangos had a slow game with the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs lost to the Atlanta Hawks 91-83.

In this game, Pangos only had two points, one rebound, and one assist in 21 minutes of play.  These are pretty low minutes compared to the amount of playing time he was getting in previous games.  This is probably because the Mavericks wanted to get a look at some other players one last time and Pangos had played quite a bit already.

This game was a bit unfortunate for Pangos.  He did not shoot his best.  It seems that most people understand that this will change.  His shots will start to fall eventually.

So now what are the options for Pangos?  If the Mavericks liked what they saw from him in Summer League he could make their training camp roster and eventually their final regular season roster.  If he does not make the Dallas training camp roster he could always get picked up by another NBA team.  There are a lot of teams watching these games in Las Vegas, so there is the possibility that another team liked his game and could pick him up for their training camp roster.  If he doesn’t make any training camp rosters he could easily play in Europe.  A lot of Gonzaga players have gone and had successful careers in Europe.  He could always come back to the U.S. and try the Summer League process again in 2016.

Hopefully Pangos can make a training camp roster in the NBA.  I think that he definitely has the ability to have a long, successful professional career.