Gonzaga Releases Conference Schedule


The Gonzaga conference schedule was recently released.  This is always an exciting moment in the off season, because it is a reminder that the start of NCAA basketball is only a few months away.

Our friends over at Slipper Still Fits reported the release of the schedule.  The entire WCC conference schedule can be found here.  Let’s take a look at how Gonzaga’s schedule is shaping up.

First off the last home game of the season will be February 20, 2016 against St. Mary’s.  That means that senior night will be a continuation of the heated rivalry between the Zags and the Gaels.  Since I am a senior at GU, I couldn’t be more excited for this senior night match up.  Even though St. Mary’s looks to be on the decline this will still be an intense game.

The Zags start off conference play on December 21, 2015 at home against Pepperdine.  This will be a great early test for both teams.  Pepperdine improved immensely last season and is looking like they will be one of the top teams in the WCC in this upcoming season.  This will definitely be a fun matchup.

Thankfully, this season there are not any big rivalry games scheduled over winter break.  In the past games against St. Mary’s and BYU have been scheduled while students are home for winter break.  This is always disappointing because these games usually draw big crowds, but when the games are played over winter break there aren’t nearly as many people in attendance.

Gonzaga ends their regular season against BYU in Provo.  This should be a great game.  It will be a perfect chance to see what both teams are made of before the conference tournament begins.  Last season The Zags took on BYU at home in their final game and lost.  It was a close game, but I think it gave Gonzaga a much needed wake up call before heading into the post season.

Seeing this schedule gets me excited for the season to start.  It’s shaping up to be a good one!