David Stockton and the Kings beat Heat in OT


David Stockton continued his string of good play in a game against the Miami Heat by a final score of 73-68 (OT).  This low scoring game was pretty sloppy, but that is expected in Summer League play.  These players have been playing a lot of game and they are all giving such strong effort and trying to make plays.  This often results in sloppy play.

David Stockton came off a 17 point game in his previous game against the Golden State Warriors.  In this game against the Heat, Stockton had another good game scoring 11 points.  He also added five assists and a steal.  Unfortunately, Stockton had six turnovers as well.

I’ll admit that I did not really watch Stockton between his senior year at Gonzaga and this Summer League season.  I’m extremely impressed with how he has progressed.  He had decent court vision in college, but that is extremely improved.  He can also shoot threes now.  This is something that he struggled with in college.  His overall shooting is immensely improved.  It’s really been great to see him progress so well.  His defense is also improved.  He was always a scrappy defender, but now he has stepped up his defense to a new aggressive level.

This tight win allows the Kings to advance in the consolation side of the bracket.  This tournament isn’t the most important thing to NBA players.  It still shows how competitive these players are.  It is very apparent that all of these players still want to win every game.