Ranking the Coaches in the WCC

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No. 8- Bill Grier (San Diego)

By Josh Horton

San Diego has regressed since Bill Grier first took the job in 2007. The Mark Few disciple led the Torero’s to a huge upset win over the Bulldogs in the championship round of the WCC tournament, which was subsequently followed by a victory over the fourth seeded UConn Huskies in the first round of the NCAA tournament. However, things have gone south for Grier ever since then.

Grier has only won 37% of his games ever since the Torero’s 2008 NCAA tournament run. On top of that, the basketball team has had a vicious point shaving scandal, which they are just now starting to recover from. The Torero’s have not finished in the top half of WCC since 2008 as well, proving how the Torero’s have struggled since then.

Grier could possibly be on the hot seat this season, especially if the Torero’s finish in the bottom half of the WCC standings. Grier has two great guards in his backcourt, Johnny Dee and Christopher Anderson, and an up and coming big man in Jito Kok. If Grier can’t produce with this group, the University of San Deigo athletic director will have to wonder if Grier can every win as the Torero’s head coach, which would ultimately make the seat of his pants hotter and hotter.