David Stockton’s Improved Play Helps Kings


Former Gonzaga PG David Stockton looks much improved in the two Summer League games he has played with the Sacramento Kings so far.  He definitely has improved speed and agility as well as finishing ability and defense.

Stockton made his Summer League debut in the Kings’ game against the Nuggets on July 12.  Stockton only played 17 minutes but he had four points, five assists, and two rebounds off the bench.  Stockton also had six turnovers and the Kings ultimately fell to the Nuggets 98-76.  Stockton has been playing much more aggressively.  I think that is why he had so many turnovers.  He is taking more risks than usual, which sometimes benefits the team and other times leads to turnovers.

I think that it is good for Stockton to take some risks during Summer League.  He also has his contract signed, so he might as well try some new things that maybe he has been working on.  He should try to make tough passes and take some shots that he might not normally take.

David Stockton has greatly improved over the past year.  One thing that especially stands out to me is his improved strength.  He is able to drive to the basketball a little better, fight through screens, and play tighter defense than before.

Stockton started in the Kings’ third Summer League game.  In this game against the Golden State Warriors, he looked strong and in control of the team.  He finished with ten points and four assists as the Kings prevailed by a score of 90-71.  Stockton looked confident and was a clear leader on this team.