Senior Send-Off: San Francisco’s Gavin Hoffman


Gavin Hoffman was a 6’5”, 205 pound guard from Portland, Oregon who was a walk on with San Francisco in the 2011-12 season and stuck with the team for all four years of college. While he was not regularly in the spotlight during his Dons career, his contributions to the team were essential by filling the vital role of helping ready the starters for games as a member of the scout squad, learning and executing the opponent’s plays and tendencies during practices. He was also responsible for being at the ready himself to go in off the bench as needed to give the starters the opportunity for to rest and coaching instructions before returning to the floor.

During the 2014-15 season, Hoffman’s 62.5% free throw average was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal team-wide free throw shooting effort. He played in 17 games during his senior year, 22 games his junior year, 9 games his sophomore year and 22 games his freshman year. He has been versatile and flexible to fill the needs of the program as well as appreciated by his teammates and the coaching staff.

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Hoffman enjoys college and NFL football, recommends strawberry lemonade slurpees on free slurpee day, and is a country music fan. He has a keen sense of humor, making light of a Mom that goes to the store and forgets to purchase the item that was asked for and learning to accept that if your Mom can’t find a missing item, it is gone forever.

Aside from the many interesting experiences he had as a member of the Dons, one highlight surely was travelling to Cancun, Mexico in August of 2012 to play against several Mexican basketball teams. In one of the games, Gavin scored 11 points against a Mexican Semi-Pro All-Star team. The two teams traded jerseys at the end of the game in a gesture of respect and friendship.

Congratulations to Gavin on graduating from San Francisco!