Senior Send-Off: Pacific’s Gabriel Aguirre


Gabriel Aguirre had an unusual collegiate basketball career at Pacific.

Before he came to Pacific, Aguirre played basketball in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He played his first two years of collegiate basketball at City College of San Francisco. While there, he earned First Team All-Coast Conference and Honorable Mention All-State honors in a season where his team went 31-1. That success made him transfer to Pacific.

Aguirre became eligible to play for the Tigers in the 2013-14 season. Despite his success at the junior college level, Aguirre saw limited playing time, as he averaged nine minutes per game. He averaged 2.6 points and 1.8 rebounds per game as a result.

With only one season left in his collegiate career, Aguirre knew that he had to step up. His playing time nearly tripled because of the success he was showing on the court. Averaging 50% from the field, Aguirre had career highs in points, rebounds, and assists.

His success did not transfer to the rest of the team. The Tigers finished 12-19 and tied for last place in the West Coast Conference standings.

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Even though the Tigers did not have as much success as they wanted, Aguirre proved that he could play at the Division I level. It is not easy for anyone to play competitively at the D-I level, let alone someone who was from a completely different culture.

As his career playing in a Pacific is over, Aguirre will be remembered for his commitment to succeeding. He went the hard route by developing his game at the junior college level before making the decision to play for Pacific. Because of his persistence and dedication to improving, Aguirre is a model for future players.