Senior Send-Off: Gonzaga’s Gary Bell Jr.


It is very sad to say goodbye to Gary Bell Jr.  He has left a lasting mark on Gonzaga and will go down as one of the most liked players in the history of the program.

Gary Bell Jr. is the greatest perimeter defender in Gonzaga history.  His all around defense along with his superb three point shooting has made Bell Jr. a very well rounded player.

Bell Jr. is one of those guys who makes a huge impact in each game.  He is a great shooter and he will finish his career shooting 41.4% from behind the arc.  He also averaged 9.7 points per game over his career.  Bell Jr.’s impact is often not shown on the score sheet.  He has definitely exploded in some games, putting up a lot of points and leading the team in scoring, but he plays every game with tons of heart.  He always works hard.  He plays solid defense, works well off the ball, and always puts his teammates in a position to succeed.

Whenever Gary Bell Jr. is called upon to guard a tough opponent he shuts them down.  Bell Jr. has guarded some great players and when he is playing defense that player’s scoring is usually low.

Toward the end of his sophomore season, Bell Jr. was sidelined with a foot injury.  It was obvious that he was disappointed by the injury and that he yearned to be on the court.  Bell Jr. is someone who you know would play 40 minutes every game if the coaches allowed him to.  He is a natural competitor who has a drive to win.

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Gary Bell Jr., along with Kevin Pangos took the conference by storm when they came to Gonzaga as freshmen.  They were an extremely solid guard tandem that have cemented their place in Gonzaga history.  Bell Jr. is from Kent, WA and he has made the entire state proud with his play.

Off the court, Bell Jr. is as great a person as he is a player.  He works for Gonzaga intramurals and even though he is very well known at the school he treats every student with respect.  I’ve had class with Bell Jr. before and I can attest to this.  He had no ego at all and treated me as an equal.  We would talk about quizzes and tests in the class just as I would with any other student.  He is quiet, but easy to talk to and he gets along with everyone.  He is also very respectful of professors.  It would be very easy for someone like Bell Jr. to get a big head.  In fact, many players do, but Bell Jr. is different.  He is a classy guy who has handled his fame very well.

Gary Bell Jr. will be missed at Gonzaga.  He is a fan favorite and he has made great contributions to the Gonzaga community on and off the court.

I want to thank Gary for all that he has done for the Zags over the past four years.  I wish him the best of luck in the future!