WCC Championship Keys to the Game: Gonzaga


Gonzaga has advanced to the championship game in the WCC tournament.  They beat Pepperdine 79-61.  BYU will also advance as they beat Portland 84-70.  The two will face off in the game that everyone was hoping to see.  Gonzaga gets a chance to avenge their recent loss.  BYU gets a chance to show that they truly are a dominant team. Here are the keys to Gonzaga winning the WCC Championship:


BYU is the second highest scoring team in the whole NCAA.  No matter how well Gonzaga plays on the defensive end there will be no way to stop BYU from putting up a lot of points.  Gonzaga will need to take advantage of every opportunity they get.

Perimeter Defense

BYU can shoot the three.  After watching their game against Portland it is apparent that they can make every shot that they take from behind the arc.  Portland played some weak defense on the perimeter and BYU made them pay.  Gonzaga will have to stop their three point shooting for sure.

Establish Momentum Early

Against Pepperdine, the Zags were able to get their momentum going in the second half.  They were scoring at will.  Gonzaga dictated the tempo for the majority of the second half and Pepperdine had no answer.  This probably will not go as well for the Zags against BYU, but it will still be important.

Use Energy to their Advantage

Most of the fans in Las Vegas are Gonzaga fans.  The crowd will be loud and in the last few game the Zags have used this energy in order to help them get momentum.  Przemek Karnowski has been especially fired up lately and he is having a great tournament.

It’s going to be a heck of a game and I can’t wait for it!