2014 WCC Hair and Beard Review


Happy Holidays! With the recent appearance of Santa Claus, we’re talking about some of the best hair and facial hair around the West Coast Conference. Does anyone have the style to match jolly old Saint Nick and his bushy white beard?

With Gonzaga’s Kevin Pangos sporting a new hairstyle for his senior year and Christopher Anderson wearing a pom pom on the top of his head, let’s take a look around some of the other players and coaches in the West Coast Conference and the hair and beard styles on display:

Kevin Pangos, Senior Guard, Gonzaga

Throwback Thursday from 8th grade. He might look like a teenager with the scruffy top and whisper of facial hair, but the Wooden Award candidate is full grown when it comes to his game leading the best team in the conference.

Christopher Anderson, Senior Guard, San Diego

Call it the “Pom Pom” look. Anderson has a unique style highlighted by the two-tone appearance that matches his versatile game. His hair is unpredictable, just like how you can’t be ready for everything he can do with a basketball. Just look at the difference even between his headshot from the preseason and his new look from a recent game in the top photo!

Dulani Robinson, Junior Guard, Pacific

Less is more. Just a whisper of a mustache and goatee. His facial hair creeps up on you just like his recently improved play as the next best option for the Tigers behind T.J. Wallace.

Alec Wintering, Sophomore Guard, Portland

Wintering has hair growing in two directions: up off his head and way down that chin. As he becomes a veteran star for the Pilots, will we see his style get even more adventurous and bigger over time?

Joe Coleman, Junior Guard, Saint Mary’s

Not a beard that one would normally associate with someone from Minnesota. And check out the earring! Coleman clearly belongs on a California team with his flashy, clean-cut style.

Colin Pfaff, Assistant Coach, Portland

Still sexy? Pfaff is business up top and party down below with his slick hair and five o’clock shadow. He’s looks every bit the young professional as he helps lead one of the teams on the rise in the WCC.

Jake Toolson, Freshman Guard, BYU

Watch out Colin Pfaff! Somebody has been borrowing your hair gel, and he found the razor you lost during the last road trip to Provo. Toolson looks like he still has some high school left in him, but he’s already doing big things for the Cougars.

Bill Grier, Head Coach, San Diego

There’s something to be said for consistency. As the Toreros have seen steady growth in their time under Grier, he has kept to a mature style worthy of a leader and mentor.