We’ve gone Viral


Waking up today on my day off and on comes SportsCenter Not Top 10. To be honest I wasn’t surprised to see the final play of Portland-Portland State. Knucklehead.

Anyway speaking of the Pilots dismantling of the Vikings it was a solid performance from everyone in purple, except Xubi. He had a rough game starting before the game even started, but what’s important is that Portland came through with the W. Wintering was on another level from start to finish. The first few possessions the Pilots ran plays for Voldy to try to get the inside game established, but it was Wintering who scored the first 9 points and then his play was contagious as Thomas poured in his first uber efficient effort of the season scoring 19 on 7 for 7 shooting.

After halftime, Kevin Baily was nowhere to be found and it wasn’t until later in the second half that he came out wearing a boot. This could be troubling depending on the severity of the injury but for the time being I’d like to point to Jason Todd’s +/- rating of +36 in 13 minutes for the Portland/Portland State game. I can’t all capitalize numbers but if I could I would to repeat: +36 in 13 MINUTES.

Let’s Do This.

Next up we have Wayne Tinkle’s Oregon State team. Back when I previewed the season I mentioned this game as one of the matchups I was most looking forward to. To remind you, Oregon State had just received a verbal commitment from Drew Eubanks, a top Portland target, and emotions were still running high. Since that time, Portland’s recruiting class has taken shape by adding Colin Russell and Chiir Maker. Oregon State meanwhile has one of the most celebrated classes of 2015 adding Stephen Thompson and Tres Tinkle. I hope all 3 are in Chiles on Saturday, despite the outcome, I’m hoping that Portland and Oregon State can create a fun, competitive rivalry.

Speaking of a friendly rivalry, I want to propose something. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to see the four Division I Oregon Schools (University of Portland, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University) play each and every year to really see who is the best team in Oregon.

Without further ado, I propose the Oregon’s Cup: a yearly tournament featuring all 4 teams.

Nov 24, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Oregon State Beavers head coach Wayne Tinkle reacts to a call on the floor during an NCAA basketball game against Oklahoma State at MGM Grand. Oklahoma State won the game 66-53. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that there are a lot of logistics that need to be worked out for this to happen, but I feel like a tournament like this could light a fire under each of the teams, and create long lasting rivalries.

The tournament would take place in three different phases. The first would feature a two games in two days format on a neutral court. I envision this phase to take place eight days after Thanksgiving. In this two-day phase, the two non-Pac 12 members whould play each of the Pac 12 members. For example Portland would play Oregon on Friday, and Oregon State on Saturday. In this scenario, Portland State would take on Oregon State on Friday and Oregon on Saturday.

The second phase would feature a game between Portland and Portland State with home court alternating between the two. Ideally this would take place within the week of the first two games.

The final phase would feature Oregon taking on Oregon State. I know that they will have to play twice during conference season, so my thought is that in the first year a coin will be flipped for home court. Meaning whoever wins the toss will claim home court the first year. For example if Oregon State wins the coin toss, when the Ducks travel to Corvallis, that game will count toward the Oregon Cup standings. When the Beavers play in Eugene, that game will have no effect on the Oregon Cup.

The tournament champion will first be decided by total wins. In case that multiple teams have the same amount of wins, the first tiebreaker will be head to head results. If after that has been taking into account there is still a tie, whichever team most recently held the cup will retain the cup.

Well it’s at least an idea.