The 2014 WCC Player Rankings Are Coming!


The basketball season is right around the corner, and it’s time for one our favorite features here on West Coast Convo. It’s intrigue, it’s controversy, it’s fun, it’s the 2014 WCC Player Position Rankings!

Our panel of staff writers have cast their votes, and we have the results for the five best players in the West Coast Conference at each position. Starting this Monday we will be debuting the rankings one position at a time. It’s a compliment to the conference and the quality of the teams that almost every school is represented (sorry Pacific!).

To hold you over on until Monday, here’s a little teaser breaking down how many players from each school made it into our rankings. We should be in for a great season with so much talent across every roster.

GONZAGA (5) – Gonzaga is looking for another dominant season in a conference they have owned for years, so it’s no surprise the defending WCC Champions had the most players make our rankings. Adding to this achievement is the fact that they are the only team to have a player make the rankings at every position. They are balanced and will be very tough to beat.

BYU (4) – The Cougars had a down year by their standards in 2013, but a down year for BYU is still a really good year. They will be out to catch the Bulldogs and boast a talented roster including perhaps some of the best players in the entire WCC. Each of their four players in our rankings is at a different position as they come just short of matching the Bulldogs. Still, they have a lineup that could rival Gonzaga’s, and it will be a battle as both these squads should be spending a lot of time in the national rankings as two of the better mid-majors in the country.

SAN FRANCISCO (4) – San Francisco came out of nowhere last year and jumped Saint Mary’s for third in the WCC standings. That’s no small feat as the conference has been very top heavy for a long time. Was it a fluke? Our rankings say no way. Even after losing some major talent in the offseason, the Dons are back and still loaded. They are looking to improve off last year and challenge the big dogs for supremacy. They will do it with one of the finest frontcourts in the WCC as all four of their players in our rankings come from the forward and center positions.

SAN DIEGO (3) – If San Francisco has one of the best frontcourts in the conference, San Diego can make a case for the best backcourt. They boast three players in our rankings including two guards and a small forward. Last year they were a popular breakout candidate, and they had a very good year with a lot of growth despite not matching their high expectations. With a loaded roster including four of their five starters returning, they will be looking to take the next step and could be a dangerous contender.

SAINT MARY’S (2) – It’s a strange spot to see the Gaels this far down in our rankings, and it reflects their recent luck. It’s been a while since the Gaels were competing with the Bulldogs each year and it was a two horse race. Between the addition of BYU and having some trouble reloading on talent, other teams have caught up to Saint Mary’s. They have just two players in our rankings including a transfer, meaning they have just one returning player who ranks among the WCC elite. They need to hope they can develop some new talent or they will have a hard time fighting off all the up and coming teams.

SANTA CLARA (2) – The Broncos had a down year in 2013 finishing near the bottom of the conference, but they showcased flashes of immense talent thanks two some very good young players. They have had some good success in recent years, and it’s evident they have some attracted some really talented players. With that youth developing quickly, the Broncos could be fast risers. They only have two players in our rankings, but they are two excellent players who they will continue to rely on heavily.

PORTLAND (2) – Portland is a team on the rise as well thanks to a commitment to player development and playing tough opponents. They have recruited really well in recent years and used a brutal non-conference schedule last year to season their players. They were rewarded with home wins over Gonzaga and BYU as Portland became Upset City for the Pilots. This year they will hope to continue that development with the return of the two players in our rankings. They are two strong frontcourt players who should help them once again go toe-to-toe with the elite teams in the conference.

PEPPERDINE (2) – The Waves earned the title of “Best of the Rest” finishing a distant fifth in 2013 behind Gonzaga, BYU, San Francisco, and Saint Mary’s. But they showcased a loaded roster and at times looked like they have the talent to hang with the elite teams. What really makes them so dangerous is their youth. Most of their key players are underclassmen including the two that make an appearance in our rankings. If they can be that good with a lot of young players in key roles, imagine how much better they will be this year with more experience. Pepperdine is primed to take a big step forward .

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT (1) – LMU was another young team that took great strides forward last season. They collapsed after starting WCC play 2-0 including an upset of BYU, but they showed their talent again late with a nice showing in the WCC Tournament. Like Pepperdine, they succeeded with a number of young players in key roles. A lot of rebuilding is in order after a head coaching change and the loss of star Anthony Ireland, but the developing core of players including the one in our rankings are going to try and keep the Lions from taking a step back before moving forward.

Who got ranked? Who didn’t? All will be answered starting Monday right here on West Coast Convo!