WCC Schedules Are Out!


March 11, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Gonzaga Bulldogs players celebrate after head coach Kelly Graves (far right) receives the championship trophy after the game against the San Diego Toreros in the finals of the West Coast Conference tournament at Orleans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, the West Coast Conference officially announced the schedule for conference play for this upcoming basketball season. With the addition of Pacific, the schedule has changed a bit to incorporate the Tigers. Below is the complete conference play schedule.

Dec. 28. 


San Diego @ Pepperdine

San Francisco @ Portland

Santa Clara @ Gonzaga

Dec. 30. 

BYU @ Pepperdine

Saint Mary’s @ Pacific

San Diego @ LMU

San Francisco @ Gonzaga

Santa Clara @ Portland

Jan. 2nd.

LMU @ San Francisco

Pacific @ Portland

Pepperdine @ Santa Clara

Saint Mary’s @ Gonzaga

Jan. 4th.

LMU @ Santa Clara

Pacific @ Gonzaga

Pepperdine @ San Francisco

Saint Mary’s @ Portland

San Diego @ BYU

Jan. 9th.

Gonzaga @ Portland

LMU @ San Diego

Pepperdine @ BYU

San Francisco @ Pacific

Santa Clara @ Saint Mary’s

Jan. 11th.


Pepperdine @ San Diego

San Francisco @ Saint Mary’s

Santa Clara @ Pacific

Jan. 16th. 

BYU @ San Francisco

Gonzaga @ Pepperdine

Portland @ LMU

San Diego @ Santa Clara

Jan. 18th. 

BYU @ Santa Clara

Gonzaga @ LMU

Pacific @ Saint Mary’s

Portland @ Pepperdine

San Diego @ San Francisco

Jan. 23th. 

BYU @ Portland

LMU @ Pacific

Pepperdine @ Saint Mary’s

San Diego @ Gonzaga

Jan. 25th. 

BYU @ Gonzaga

LMU @ Saint Mary’s

Pepperdine @ Pacific

San Diego @ Portland’

Santa Clara @ San Francisco

Jan. 3oth. 

Gonzaga @ Santa Clara

Pacific @ BYU

Portland @ San Francisco

Saint Mary’s @ San Diego

Feb. 1st. 

Gonzaga @ San Francisco

LMU @ Pepperdine

Pacific @ San Diego

Portland @ Santa Clara

Saint Mary’s @ BYU

Feb. 5th. 

Portland @ Gonzaga

Feb. 6th.

Pacific @ Pepperdine

Saint Mary’s @ LMU

San Francisco @ San Diego

Santa Clara @ BYU

Feb.  8th. 

Pacific @ LMU

Saint Mary’s @ Pepperdine

San Francisco @ BYU

Santa Clara @ San Diego.

Feb. 13th. 

BYU @ Pacific

LMU @ Portland

Pepperdine @ Gonzaga

Feb. 15th. 

BYU @ Saint Mary’s

LMU @ Gonzaga

Pepperdine @ Portland

San Diego @ Pacific

San Francisco @ Santa Clara

Feb. 2oth. 

Gonzaga @ BYU

Pacific @ Santa Clara

Pepperdine @ LMU

Portland @ San Diego

Saint Mary’s @ San Francisco

Feb. 22nd. 

Gonzaga @ San Diego

Pacific @ San Francisco

Portland @ BYU

Saint Mary’s @ Santa Clara

Feb. 27th. 

Gonzaga @ Pacific

Portland @ Saint Mary’s

San Francisco @ Pepperdine

Santa Clara @ LMU

Mar. 1st. 

BYU @ San Diego

Gonzaga @ Saint Mary’s

Portland @ Pacific

San Francisco @ LMU

Santa Clara @ Pepperdine

Mar. 6th- Mar. 11th. 

WCC Tournament

Some Impressions:

  • This is a great format that the WCC adopted. The 18 game round robin is the ideal conference schedule, and the addition of a tenth team makes it possible. This format is reminiscent of the old Pac-10 schedules, which featured five pairs of travel partners. The travel partners in the WCC are Gonzaga-Portland, BYU-San Diego, Pacific-Saint Mary’s, Santa Clara- San Francisco, and LMU-Pepperdine. The utilization of travel partners makes the schedule much more structured and organized.
  • The Gonzaga-Saint Mary’s games have been some of the best that this conference has ever seen. This year, the WCC scheduled these games in an interesting way. Saint Mary’s will travel to Spokane on January 2nd to take on Gonzaga, when most of the students will be home for break. Peculiar move from the WCC, considering this is usually one of the marquee matchups on the WCC schedule. However, when Gonzaga comes to Moraga to take on the Gaels, it will be Saint Mary’s senior night, giving the players extra incentive to beat the Zags.  Most likely this was not done on purpose, but it benefits the Gaels.