My Breakout WCC Performers For This Season

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Stephen Holt (Saint Mary’s)

Most people will agree that a lot of the Saint Mary’s offense last season revolved around Matthew Dellavedova, and plenty of experts are questioning whether the Gaels can replicate his production. After Patty Mills, Mickey McConnell assumed the do it all point guard role, and after McConnell, Dellavedova stepped up and led the Gaels. It’s happened twice, so why can’t it happen again? If history was going to repeat itself, Stephen Holt would be the primary candidate to step up for the Gaels.

Holt could possibly be a better pure scorer than Delly; Holt has always been very good at creating his own jump shot and can drive into the lane to get a contested bucket every once in a while. The real question is if Holt can distribute the way Dellavedova did last season. The Australian point guard averaged 6.4 assists per game last season, and had the ball in his hands for the majority of the shot clock. There is still some questions as to if Holt can consistently do that. Holt will still play off the ball, with Jordan Guisti coming off the bench to play the one, but ultimately he is taking on a role that he has never had on this Saint Mary’s squad.