Dellavedova Starts Off Well in Campaign to Make Cavs Squad


A quick read through of Twitter during the Cavs – Lakers Summer League game told me all I needed to know to write this post (that said I did watch the game too…)

There really isn’t much to add. Dellavedova will be asked to fill up the stat sheet, but merely facilitate the offense. In his first stint on the court, he constantly found open guys (who did miss their shots). However, his first shot that he took (and made) is the one that he will find a lot in the NBA – the wide open catch and shoot. His off-ball movement is fantastic, and he had great shooting numbers playing off the ball (i.e. with Mickey McConnell or Steven Holt running the offense).

As far as his game on the defense end, Dellavedova was quick to prove that he belongs: he did not let anyone drive by him, got a steal, and was in good position to grab rebounds and start the offense.

It will be interesting to see how he progress throughout the D-League. As players become more comfortable with one another, except to see Delly get more assists and cut his T/O’s.

In 18 minutes of play, Dellavedova had a team high 5 assists, to go along with two points, two steals and three rebounds. He had four turnovers in the game, with a few of them being due to poor communication with teammates.