Dons Notes: SF Pro-Am Update


Scoreboard during SF Pro-Am game on June 24th, 2013. Photo credit: James Stapleton

I just wanted to give a quick follow-up to last week’s SF Pro-Am post. Since that post, there has been some new USF related developments. Yet another future Don has been added to the ranks of the San Francisco Bay Area Pro-Am. That now makes a total of four current or future Dons players participating at Kezar Pavilion. Without further ado…

Uche Ofoegbu

Uche Ofoegbu (ooh-chay oh-fway-boo) is a transfer from Southern Methodist University. He decided that SMU was not a right fit after former head coach Matt Doherty was replaced by Larry Brown. Ultimately, Rex Walter’s previous basketball experience and view towards his student-athletes may have swayed in favor to Uche’s family and friends. Ofoegbu made his Pro-Am debut last week at Kezar Pavilion. Due to NCAA regulations, Uche has to redshirt this upcoming year. He will not suit up with Cole Dickerson as a Don, but it was still a real treat to see them both playing at the same time. You can catch an early glimpse at the 2014-2015 Dons when Ofoegbu is joined by Pinkins and Derksen on the court at the SF Pro-Am.

A further look into Uche’s decision to join USF can be found in this D1 Nation article.

To give fans a better idea of how these Dons are doing at the Pro-Am, here is a video shot last week during a Pro-Am game. Featured in this video are newcomers Uche Ofoegbu (BLK-4), Kruize Pinkins (BLK-15), USF alumnus Jerome Gumbs (BLK-8) , and ex-Don De’End Parker (BLU-7) – the clip at the 6:23 mark is pretty awesome too…

One for the Road

Jeremy Lin dunked on at SF Pro-Am