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WCC NBA Draft Profile: Stephen Holt

Is Stephen Holt a true point guard? To be honest, I’m not sure.

Like many scouts, I feel that Stephen Holt is a better shooting guard than point guard. Holt, on the other hand, is out to prove otherwise.

In the annual travelfest that potential NBA draft picks have to endure, Stephen Holt has been doing his best to show that he should be on an NBA roster this upcoming year. After averaging 15.2 points and 3.9 assists, Holt can make the case that he could be a point guard. However, with the Gaels underachieving by their standards, and with occasional lack of leadership, it is a lot easier to make the case that Holt could be a solid shooting guard in the NBA.


Holt has been working with the same trainer that Dellavedova has worked with, and has had workouts with multiple teams, including the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Holt can catch and shoot as well as anybody in WCC, if not the nation. His ability to drive and convert on and-1’s is timely, and his new found ability to run the traditional pick and roll could be beneficial. His defense has always been one of his best assets, and like Dellavedova, when not forced to carry the load of the offense, Holt can be more energetic on defense and can be a lock-down guard.

When the defenses game plan to shut him down, Holt wasn’t able to overcome that. However, that isn’t necessarily a problem that falls on his shoulders, but on the rest of his teammates for their inability to take off pressure from Holt. Since he wouldn’t be a focal point of the offense in the NBA, Holt could easily make some noise.

“In a deep draft, I can see Holt going undrafted but playing in Las Vegas or Orlando and forcing his way onto an NBA roster.”

Draft prospects: In a deep draft, I can see Holt going undrafted but playing in Las Vegas or Orlando and forcing his way onto an NBA roster. While it might be tempting for him to sign a solid contract and play in Europe if he can’t make an NBA roster, it could prove beneficial for Holt to play in the D-League and make his case for the NBA from there, a la Seth Curry.

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