Farewell Beau. (photo courtesy of Andrew Nguyen).

Senior Farewell: Beau Levesque

And just like that, the last remaining link to the 2010 Sweet Sixteen is gone. When fans think of the Gaels 2010 run, they think of Omar Samhan‘s performance and Mickey McConnell‘s shot late in the game against Villanova. They wouldn’t be in that position had it not been for a walk on forward from nearby De La Salle High School who burst out in a big way against the Richmond Spiders in the first game of that tournament.

An injury sidelined him the following year, but in 2011-2012, Levesque was a valuable member of the first Gaels team to win both the regular season, and the post season championships. A leader both on and off the court, Levesque showed that with hard work, a walk on could play his way into a scholarship at St. Mary’s.

The only regret about Beau is that the fouls, whether legitimate or not, would always find him. He would be in a middle of a big game and have to sit with foul trouble. A big undersized, Levesque worked well with Mitchell Young last year as a power forward, and handled his own a starter this year.

While he may not have gotten the attention that some of his other teammates have gotten, Beau Levesque has been part of three NCAA tournaments and two NIT’s. While Saint Mary’s might have had similar success without him, I have a hard time imagining so. Beau Levesque had the knack for clutch moments (see: free throws vs BYU last year; 3-pointer at Boise State this year), and was a crucial part of the Gaels squad. His veteran presence, leadership, and overall game will sorely be missed.


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