Mitchell Young will be taking his talents to Australia

The SMC Run-Down: 5/17/13

Side note: once in a while, I’ll write a quick run-down of various things Saint Mary’s instead of writing an in-depth blog post featuring links and non-basketball stuff and various things that I want to touch upon and perhaps a things that I will write about in the future. This is one of those posts:

The Run Down:

I did not put down Jorden Page on my 2013-2014 roster because there has been talk of him not returning at the end of the year. After all, he should be graduating this year since he came in the same year Mitch and Delly did. However, he redshirted his sophomore year (academically) since he injured his knee. Rumor on campus is that he will be taking classes next year in Moraga, which means he would be back on the team. However, he could possibly sit out another year due to rehab and apply for a medical redshirt. That is my bet on what is likely to happen.

Speaking of injuries, Beau Levesque has been sporting a walking boot on his right foot around campus. He told me that it is due to an injury sustained during the season but is nothing big.

Mitchell Young signed on with Australia’s NBL’s Cairns Taipans. I got a chance to interview him for a feature and he told me his ultimate goal is to play in Europe but he was willing to go to Australia and work on his game. When not in foul trouble, Young was a dominant defender at the power forward position for the Gaels and was a great low-block player. He could also stretch out and shoot from the three. I think if he cleans up his foul trouble and adds on a constant jumper (think Tim Duncan or Pau Gasol), there is no reason he can’t move up and play for an elite Euro-league team and make a run at the Senior Team for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Playing with ex-teammate Clint Steindl won’t hurt as well. Both Steindl and Young will participate in the Australian national team training camp.

For the last of the basketball related news, the women’s team will host the men’s soccer team in a friendly basketball game at McKeon Pavilion at 5:30 which will be followed by the women’s soccer team hosting the men’s basketball team in soccer. The Saint Mary’s College Women’s Resource center will be at both games promoting awareness against sexual assault.

Charlie Guese, a friend of mine, wrote a good piece regarding the completion of the Rec Center being built. While it is nice working out in the weight room next to Matthew Dellavedova, the new Rec Center should help bring in more recruits for non-basketball sports (particularly baseball, softball and tennis). In addition, the current weight room will become athlete-only. There has been talks about a renovation to McKeon Pavilion which could also happen fairly soon.

Also, the Saint Mary’s Men’s Rugby Team will face Life University in the D1-A National Championship on Saturday at 4:00 PM (PT) which can be seen live on ESPN3 & on delay at ESPNU.

Finally, expect a post of  Matthew Dellavedova’s NBA odds as well as my appreciation of Randy Bennet’s offense after watching the Warriors in the playoffs in the coming weeks.

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